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Note: We Need Your Instagram Post URL

Buy Instagram Views

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Buy Instagram Views

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  • Buy Instagram Views for your Instagram Video.
  • Real Instagram users
  • No Password Needed
  • 100% Safe and Quality Views
  • Super Fast Delivery.
  • 24/7 Support

Note: I Need your Instagram Post URL

Buy Instagram Views $1

We offer only high-quality, Instagram Real 1,000 Views For $1.00. Some of our competitors resort to techniques such as robots, or computer codes to keep their costs low. We’d never do that to you! When you Buy Instagram views from Botsview, We provide you with the best High-Quality Views in Your Instagram profile. our Instagram Views Servicers increase your Instagram Likes.

Get More Instagram Views For Cheap Price?

Buy Instagram Video ViewsIf you have Videos on Instagram, it will display a View counter on your Instagram profile. This shows how many people have watched your videos and increase your Likes and Followers. Loops count as just 1 view. The view counter in your Instagram Videos.

Buy Instagram Views

To increase the brand strength of your Instagram page you need a good number of views on your videos. To increase social proof and brand reputation Buy Instagram Views is the most effective and quick option. Now Views replace likes and most of the people are starting to buy views instead of likes. If your video has a lot of views then your video display in the top position. Huge number of views inspire other people to watch your videos. So, we can say that buying like works like an advertisement for watching your videos. If people notice that watched your video by so many people then they think this video is really interested. And it also increases your popularity and trust of other people.

Why Should You Buy Instagram views Cheap?

More views create a favorable image of your brand. If you can manage properly of your Instagram and social media accounts then you can create an amazing image of your business. And making a good impression is also important. So, there is no alternative way to make a good image on Instagram to attract more customers.

Some common questions and answers:

If you are new and you didn’t buy any views before then you may have some questions. We are here to answer all of your questions. After reading this article you will be able to take the right decision without any hesitation.

Buying Instagram Views Cheap is safe or not?

Most of the buyers are afraid about it, especially new buyer. And our answer is yes! It is completely safe. Every day they deliver hundreds of orders that all related Instagram engagement services such as buying like the view, comment, and follower. A reputed company can deliver millions of view per day. This process is so fast. This is doing by their paid clients all over the world and this method is completely safe. There are many people all over the world are using this method such as fresh users to the world’s top businesses, politicians, TV stars, and new writers also. We assure you that using this service is completely safe. Without any hesitation, you can buy views from reputed companies.

To Start Delivery How Long Time They Take?

If they want they can start their delivery within a few seconds. But when they have many orders then they may take thirty minutes to one hour. They receive many orders at the same time. So, don’t worry if they take a few minutes. Mostly they start their order within a few seconds. To give their clients order instantly they upgrade their human and technical resources constantly.

For My Private Account Can I Purchase Views?Instagram Views

NO, if you keep your account private then how they show your videos to other people. But you don’t need to public your account for a long time. The good news is after complete your order you can go to the previous setting and private your account. Before purchasing your order go to your setting option and public your account. Keep in mind that if you set your account to private when processing the order then this process will stop immediately.

Can I spread the Cheap views?

YES! You can do that. After selecting and entering your username you can select your latest videos. You can’t spread your views between different accounts videos. You can do this only your one accounts videos.

To start this process what information they need?

To start this process they need your username. Because this promotional campaign they use your username only, not your password. After entering username they will show your latest videos and older too if you want. Then you need to select your videos and number of views. And then they deliver views according to your selection.

Will anyone knows that I bought it?

There is no way to understand it. Until you will tell someone, then no one won’t know about it. They give top priority of your privacy. So, don’t worry about it.

After buying views will I get a comment and Like?Increase Instagram Views

You may get but not sure. And you shouldn’t expect this when you buy just views. The company won’t give you any guarantee about it because they have no control over this extra engagement. They will work only for the views. But if your videos will really interesting then you can get like and views. But after buying a good number of views people will be interested to watch your views and you get more like, views, comments, and follower naturally.

For Buying, Views can Authority Ban my Account?

There is no chance to ban your account for buying views. Thousands of company and millions of people are engaged with this social marketing. But don’t purchase so much cheaper package. Many companies offer you a cheaper package that is not good for your account. Because they use bots to do it. So, always we suggest you at first find a reputed company before ordering and read their customer review.

Do they need a password?

No, they don’t ask you about it. They just need your username. If the company will fake then they will ask your password. So, if any provider wants your password don’t buy anything from them.

For Buying views how many videos can I select?

How many can you select it depends on the packages that you choose. Per videos, the minimum delivery number is 100. If you buy 2500 views then you can select 25+ videos or if you want you can select just one video. These all depend on you.

For the same video can I place multiple orders?

Sure! You can do this. You can order views for many times of a video. Keep in mind that for large quantities of views they need more time. But at the same time, you won’t receive views from multiple orders for the same video.

To create popularity and to show your videos on the top list there is no alternative way to buy Instagram views. You can get huge views naturally but it takes a long time and there is no guarantee. So, if you are new, don’t hesitate to buy views. First, find out a reputed company and place your order and remember don’t forget to check customer review.


From your mobile, open the video which you want to Buy Instagram views for, on the top right of the screen you will see a 3 dots icon, click on it then ‘Copy Share URL’. Finally, paste the URL in the relative field, see attached image.

I will promote your Instagram video to get you REAL Instagram views Super Fast Delivery. It is important to note that these Are REAL Viewers so if promote your Instagram business profile and passion profile then you can expect a rise in traffic and you can also generate sales but I can not guarantee how I can not control the viewer’s actions.
High audience retention rate  Views and you get the best placement after using my service.
All visitors are Instagram REAL people, so it is 100% safe. and Fast delivery and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
The gig extras are highly recommended for exposure and the possibility to go viral.

If you have any questions, just contact me, I will answer you shortly. Many Thank

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